Internet Services

     The Internet Services of Jose Rizal Memorial State University-Katipunan Campus was established to serve students, faculty and staff through providing them with free internet access. It provides connectivity to local, national and international linkages of the campus. It is managed by the Internet Services Unit under the supervision of the Dean of the Student and Auxiliary Services Department.

     The Internet Services of the campus was first established at the Laboratory Room 1 of Information Technology (IT) Center, College of Technology building. It started with the installation of local area network (LAN) on the said laboratory room last December 12, 2005 headed by Engr. Jose Aurelio Jacinto from the JRMSU Main Campus and assisted by Engr. Theresa Mee T. Sarenas of the Katipunan Campus in preparation of internet connectivity.

internet lab

     On January 2006, students started to avail the services in the said laboratory by accessing the different Science related software. This service setup continues to work out until the Internet connection was finally established last April 28, 2006 through signing a Memorandum of Agreement to LOCSYS Internet Services, the first Internet Services Provider to the campus. The contract of service covered three (3) years. On the same year, an approved proposal was established for the expansion of Internet Services to the different offices in IT Center, School Library, College of Education and Administration building. However the implementation of the project was on January 24, 2007 until April 2007. It was on the 2nd week of August 2007 that the Internet Services of the school was extended to the College of Agriculture, Research and Extension Center and the Promotional Staff building.

     After the contract of LOCSYS Internet Services, the Internet Services laboratory room was transferred to College of Technology building and was provided by the Smart Telecommunication, Inc. through their SmartBro Plan for four (4) years. Last August 2014 the Internet Services of the campus is utilizing the PLDT MyDSL Plan to increase the bandwidth.

     At present, the Internet Services for the students is available from Monday to Friday at 8:00 o’clock in the morning until 6:00 o’clock in the evening with no lunch break and Saturday from 8:00 o’clock to 10:00 o’clock in the morning.